A reserved writer, Meri Román at wilton's music hall, London, sep 2013

Toby Connor, a very sensitive and rare musician at Platform Terrace, London, sep 2013
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A charming artist Lepel Glass. London, aug 2013

Milena Farias, at Alexandra Park, London, aug 2013

Guy Wilson, at Epping Forest, London, aug 2013
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Antoine Ferry at La Caverne Aux Livres, Auvers, France, jul 2013
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Anaisy Sanches, by a train in France, jul 2013

Marcelo Marinho, somewhere in France, jul 2013

Othello De'Souza, a visual artist, Clerkenwell, London, jun 2013

Joy Walker, a very special soul involved by the untouched Hackney Marsh, London, abr 2013

Paulo Mestrada, Bahia, Brazil, mar 2013
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Henrique Falcão and Salomé at Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil, fev 2013

Mariangela Ribeiro, São Paulo, Brazil, jan 2013

Renzo Vasquez, film director, down the white streets in Clapton, London, jan 2013

Hanging out with Louis Reader, a lovely English artist. Hackney, London, jan 2013
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She has a quality about her that you just want to be with her - Lisa Johansson, London, jan 2013

The extremely nice woman Nina Burton, in Peckham, London, dez 2012
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Amy Gibson, an elegant and energetic Artist from Australia. At Hackney, London, dez 2012
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Alessandro Mariscalco, Super nice Italian Artist at Market Cafe, London, dez 2012
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Gillian Xie. Smart Chinese at Notthing Hill, London, dez 2012

Csaba Horváth. Hungarian - True at Wharf Road, London, nov 2012

Bret Jones, Actor at Kings Head Theatre, London, nov 2012

Jonathan Addis, Irish Painter - Hampstead, London, sep 2012

Hugo Sterk, sweet Welsh Artist at the corridors of Barbican, London, jun 2012
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Liza Callinicos, Australian, Actress. Dreams at Camden Lock, London, may 2012
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Emiliano Capozoli, Brazilian Photographer. Shoreditch, London, may 2012
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Carsten Recksik, German Artist at Car Parking - West London, april 2012

Rodrigo Jazinski, Brazilian Artist. Between the green of Kew Gardens, London, april 2012
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Levi Pinter. Hungarian boy at Hendon Central Park, London, april 2012
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Serena Masse, very beautiful and dynamic young Italian at Holland Park, London, nov 2011